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This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms

Or when FIM Filters go bad… I’m currently taking a new project into production for the first time, and was a bit confused when the Sets being uploaded started failing with the FIPS error above – especially as I don’t … Continue reading

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Tricky Permissions / When MPR go bad

I’ve reached that special time of the project when it’s time to kick the tyres and test things before releasing an update onto the unsuspecting client and as I’m going back through the test scripts using a number of user … Continue reading

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The Perils of Loading Assemblies in powershell

After adding the script to load a new DLL into the GAC and AIC, I’ve been doing some additional work on my workflow libraries – including moving some functions into a central library rather than copying and pasting code between … Continue reading

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FIM MA – “failed to retrieve the schema”

Having made a couple of changes to my Portal config recently, I’m attempting to update the FIM MA schema to start populating the new attributes from the Metaverse – the only thing is that when I attempt to refresh the … Continue reading

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Proxy This!

As ever, I’m in a new environment with a new set of firewall and proxy restrictions and seeing as I’m working on an Office365 deployment, powershell is pretty much an essential piece of the puzzle. From my laptop, I’ve got … Continue reading

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