VMware Upgrades

I’ve been a fan of VMware pretty much since workstation was first released and use it on both my windows and mac environments (mainly because unlike the competition I can move a VM I’ve been working with on my laptop onto my home server and know that it can be used pretty much immediately without any conversion and visa versa)

So, although I expect it to “just work” when I started moving to the latest versions of fusion and vmware workstation, I was thwarted – my VMs would no longer start up with an error of “This virtual machine’s policies are too old to be run by this version of VMware Workstation. Contact your system administrator.”

The good news is that a little surgery inside the VM folder to remove it’s .vmpl file and remove the policy lines from within the .vmx file

printers.enabled = “TRUE”
extendedConfigFile = “Live_at_FIM.vmxf”
policy.vm.mvmtid = “52 62 b3 21 92 c6 0e 24-11 16 c1 09 1f 54 64 b6”
policy.vm.managedVMTemplate = “TRUE”
policy.vm.managedVM = “FALSE”

and it all starts working again as normal – I’m just a little disappointed that I’ve needed to go and start hacking about inside the VM for something that was working perfectly before I started the upgrade – and that I’ve now got to go and do this across a library of virtual machines so that I don’t get tripped up by this in 3 months time when I go back to an older project.

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