I was helping a colleague work on a deployment this week and we needed to change the attribute in the target system we were working on. Naturally there was a rule extension in place that needed updating as well so we dutifully opened up the code and changed that as well – which is where things started to get strange.

Everything compiled as expected but when we went to the FIM console and previewed one of our users, it failed with an E_MMS_SCHEMA_CLASS_NOT_FOUND error.

This worried me for two reasons – one, it’s not an error I remember seeing before, and slightly more worryingly, when I went to google to see if I could find anything out about it, there apparently aren’t any results!


After running down a few false leads (it’s not my project and there were a few custom libraries and tools in place) we managed to link this back to a fault in our code – it worked out that we had two similarly named attributes in place, EmailAddress and EmailAddresses and had referred to the wrong one when we were adding and removing values.

Simple enough to fix but an odd error that appears to be thrown if you try to access the Values collection of a single value attribute – although hopefully next time I encounter the error I’ll at least have a clue what I’ve done wrong!

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