ECMA 2.0 – Changing Capabilities

I’m working on a project at the moment that requires an MA that writes out it’s major operations (Add, Update, Delete) into separate CSV files – in theory this should be a fairly straight forward Export Only ECMA 2.0 to build and to be honest it’s not been too big a deal.

Until of course, I noticed I’d got the capabilities section wrong in the code and thought I’d quickly amend the appropriate setting – in this case the MAExportType and refresh the interfaces. That all appeared to be working fine until I attempted (after a couple of syncs to update the data in the connector space) to delete the connector space so I could repopulate it and generate fresh exports.

At this point I started getting reports of objects without an anchor in the connector space and the whole MA got itself tangled – I still haven’t been able to remove it fully as there are still a small number of mangled objects lurking in the connector space – fortunately in the development environment I can rename it so it’s not in the way and clean it up later but it’s certainly something I’m glad I didn’t encounter in production.

Obviously the thing to do is if you update your MA’s capabilities give some serious thought to deleting and recreating the entire MA rather than just going for the refresh – it may be that other settings aren’t as sensitive but I’d want to validate that in a lab setting and it’s probably safest just to avoid the possibility entirely.

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