Sync run profile fails for some connectors

We’re in the process of building a demo environment for a presentation when two of our connectors stopped synchronizing with a credential error.

The error thrown is “Unable to run the Management Agent” / “The Management Agent failed to validate against the application store with the specified credentials” which throws a Bail out into the event log with error code 0x80230709.

What is most odd is this was happening on two of the Management Agents on the solution – one which isn’t actually in use and the FIM MA (slightly more important) but all the other management agents will import / export / sync as usual.

After a great deal of worry, we’ve spotted that the account used to connect out to these two connectors has expired and unlocking it resolves the problem.

I’m not clear why FIM would be checking the external credentials for a straight (and basic) synchronization cycle as I’d have expected that to operate purely within the boundaries of the FIM Synchronization DB which these accounts don’t event grant access to.

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