This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms

Or when FIM Filters go bad…

I’m currently taking a new project into production for the first time, and was a bit confused when the Sets being uploaded started failing with the FIPS error above – especially as I don’t quite understand how FIPS was being invoked for anything to do with this solution.

Fortunately this turns out to be the message thrown by MIM when a set that doesn’t meet the allowed filter criteria is uploaded – in development I’d disabled the MPRs that enforce the filter checks and it looks like when I’ve been performing the configuration upload that these sets were encountered before the updated MPR was.

Panic over as at least it’s possible to pre-emptively update (disable) the ‘General workflow: filter attribute validation for administrator’ and ‘non-administrator’ MPR and a re-import went in smoothly.

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