Removing & Reinstalling WSS 3.0

I broke my FIM installation today (not an uncommon thing in my world) and as I really badly broke the portal and Sharepoint Services decided that nothing but a full removal and reinstallation would do.

Removing the portal is straightforward enough as is Sharepoint Services, but the reinstallation of Sharepoint does cause problems as the uninstall doesn’t remove all the components – specifically it does leave some database files in place “just in case” that the next installation trips over and fails with.

The ‘trick’ is to make sure that the database files are removed as well, and while there are a few ways to do this by redirecting the SQL client etc, one of the most effective I’ve found for removing *everything* is to simply remove the windows internal database feature.


I’m not going to claim this won’t impact anything else, but certainly on my FIM environment it’s been a quick & effective way to complete the removal of WSS and let me get on with rebuilding things back to a working system – honest!

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